“You are a reputable manufacturer who back their product.  Thank you for caring about your customers.”


“I very much appreciate your standing behind the integrity of your product.  You have our word we will repurchase from you should we need this product in the future.  We will also recommend it to our friends and family, ensuring they are aware of your reliability guarantee of the product you sell.”

I have a two year old driveway that needed to be sealed for the first time. My driveway is huge. About 4 times the size of your typical driveway. I initially hired a contractor to seal it and all they did was spray on a clear liquid that did not fill in anything. So I bought this product and it worked great. It filled in all the rough “cottage cheese” surface. I was somewhat concerned that I could not clear all the constantly falling tree matter from the drive before I applied the sealer, but by using a squeegee instead of a brush, I was able to pull any foreign material off the edge of the driveway. My experience on square foot coverage is to buy 50% more than they say. It dried so you could walk on it in about 3 hours (hot out), but don’t drive on it for two days or you risk tire marks. Also, this was easy to spread, coming in a gel form. Don’t go cheap. This product is worth the price. I used 20 buckets.

— Bill for Ultra Shield

It is a lot better than the others I applied to my driveway before, so far I have no complains of this product since only two weeks have passed from the day I used. I will let you know in the future of my satisfaction level about this product. Thanks.

— manny1 for Ultra Shield

I used about 2 and 2/3 pails to coat my 20×40 driveway. It has been about 20 years since the driveway was sealed. The asphalt was in fair condition. There were no large cracks and no potholes or cracked asphalt. The product went on easily and spread evenly. The finished product looked good.

— DlYer for Ultra Shield

Excellent sealer! Very thick and spreads evenly. Worth the money in my opinion.

— Forced48 for Ultra Shield

This stuff worked great. My first time resealing a driveway and it looks great. Neighbors have called mementoes me on how good it looks and are asking my advice on what to do with their driveways. Can’t wait to see how it holds up to summer heat and winter temperatures.

— Pete for Ultra Shield

Great product. Minimal preparation for use; easy to apply; looks great.

— Merrie for Ultra Shield

This emulsified tar-rubber compound has a gel consistency which gives it good and bad attributes, Good angles: it coated a 10 degree ramp without runaway issues. it also seems to have a better coverage than the average reported for other products– provided you keep squeegeing out thick areas. This makes it cheaper than it first appears. Finished surface even and durable. Negatives: Thick gel has a hard time penetrating and adhering to surface that has not been thoroughly cleaned and water-blasted. This seems to be worse as temperature dropped below 65 degrees F. At this low temperature drying and hardening time was close to 2 days.

— GGP for Ultra Shield

Great stuff. Made the driveway look new again and easy to apply.

— Bob for Ultra Shield


It has to be done just right! Sweep sweep sweep the dirt away on ANY driveway sealer! do it when it is not going to rain and do it when it is very sunny for a couple days! They used to sell these in tin buckets when I was able to set fire and heat them up. now they put them in plastic buckets. But if done right and let set for 3 days, this product works! do not use a roller! you can not get into cracks and crannies! SQEEGEE THIS ON and go back and forth and make sure your driveway is clean!!! it will not hold on dirt! it will crack and peal! so make sure it is very clean when applying! good luck!

— swilli50 for Optimum

Easy to apply and great coverage

— DIY26 for Optimum

I started with this product a few months ago but ran low, so this was to finish the double drive. Looks nice and it’s easy to work with.

— Frank for Optimum

Application was easy and after three weeks the driveway still looks great!

— ejw for Optimum

My wife and I are retired and have been married for over forty years. We learned early on that we could not work on projects together – couldn’t even paint a room together without cross words being exchanged. For the most part, I took are of everything outside and she was responsible for everything inside. We became best friends with all the tradesmen in the area and came to know them all on a first name basis. The arrangement worked, so why bother trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. We recently had a new driveway put in and to be sure it wasn’t cheap. So, we decided we wanted to protect our investment and have our new driveway sealed. I’m not exactly sure how or why we arrived
at the decision to do ourselves, but we did. Together, we watched video tapes on the internet of guys sealing their driveway. Piece of cake! We carefully measured the dimensions of the driveway, calculated the amount of sealant we would need, for two coats of course, and went to Home Depot and purchased eleven buckets of sealant and all the necessary accessories. In the end, it was hard work but we did it! The driveway looks great and we’re quite pleased with ourselves. We haven’t planned any more projects, yet, but you never know, Mike & Lucy

— Mike for Optimum

Great product!!! I have been using your product for years with
consistently great results. Easy to use products and you can see by the
picture that my driveway looks like new. Thank you for making a great product . J.P

— Optimum


Lasts all summer long…. I buy every other year

— Buffalo716ny for Airport Grade

Transported the cans upside down, used a paddle on a drill to mix. Spread like a charm and came out Super. Dried fast on an 80 degree day and very happy, very professional look. Do it right like the instructions tell you and you won’t have any issues and it is a quality product.

— Gerry for Airport Grade

Good product. Easy when using a roller to apply on a driveway.

— Leopard for Airport Grade

This is the right product for big jobs. 26 gallons went into cracks in my 9100 sq/ft driveway. I’ve tried asphalt/tamper (good for squared holes, not cracks) and torch/Pli-Stix (good is you have < 100 -200 ft of cracks), but if you’ve got a lot of cracks to fill, this is the only way to go.
1. Brush the crack free of debris/dirt with a hand brush.
2. Fill with Crack Filler and smooth with trowel/putty knife to “driveway level”
3. Let dry (~ 4 hours in AZ) and refill those cracks that “fell below” driveway level.
4. Cover with driveway sealant when dry (re-clean/brush first, if necessary)

— 2Dogs for 2X Crack Filler (1 gal.)

Easy to use

— Alan for 2X Crack Filler (1gal.)

Good stuff, recommend getting the gallon over the half gallon. I think it was only $2 more and you will probably need it anyway, depending on the size of the job, plus some cracks need multiple applications later when the material sets.

— Hokiegjack for 2X Crack Filler (1 gal.)

I used this product to fill the gap around my house. Between the foundation and the concrete patio and walkway. It works well. I do it about every 3 years.

— Annette for 2X Crack Filler (1gal.)

My son and I are not experts and we decided to repair the cracks on our driveway. Using the Blacktop Crack Filler was very easy to do, convenient and inexpensive.

— Plutyc for 2X Crack Filler (1 gal.)

just what I needed to patch crack

— ed for Trowel Patch (2 gal.)

I used it for cracks and for very rough patches prior to using a seal coat. Very easy to work with, cement like texture and minimal mixing was required. Goes on brown but dries to a nice black finish. Just put it down so we’ll see how it holds up over time.

— pginge for Trowel Patch (2 gal.)

worked great.

— Lou for Trowel Patch (2 gal.)

This works great. So easy to use — I brush it on. Dries fast, good price.

— Me for Trowel Patch (2 gal.)

Best drive way patch I’ve used. Easy to trowel, great to shape, and dries quickly.

— Blc for Trowel Patch (2 gal.)

It is better than the disposable ones in that you can hide it down and reise it. You will need to store it somewhere. We bought this one after the disposable one we started with broke before completing the project.

— SnapDragon for Squeegee

Worked fine for my driveway….

— tc for Squeegee

Got the job done.

— PM25 for Squeegee

Excellent, got the job, very good and smooth.

— winter8989 for Squeegee

For the price good value and it does the job well

— mikethegolfer for Squeegee

The product worked exactly as advertised. I put on 2 coats on a driveway that was about 1 year old. It was easy to apply, had good coverage, and dried nicely. I got almost 600 square feet per pail, using the roller method as directed. Based upon some of the reviews, I bought much more, but Home Depot had no problems with the return. The driveway looks brand new.

— Dave for Acrylic Plus

It was easy to apply but you need to mix very well, use paint mix drill thing. I poured it straight onto the driveway and then used a roller to spread it out. Temperature was in the 70’s and it dries much quicker and uses more per square foot as it gets hotter in the day. It covers well and you have to go over the same area a few times to make sure you get everything. Use wide paint brush to paint edges if you have brick. BUY MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK, you will need it, you can always return what you do not use. I calculated that I needed 8 but I used 14 until I was satisfied.

— GirlPower for Acrylic Plus


Initially I was a little disappointed with this product because I needed to use more than expected as directed by specifications. But after connecting with the customer service they helped me to resolve the issue. The service was prompt and very efficient. My driveway looks amazing.

— Andy for Color Grade Brick Red

Thick stuff. Added a little water. Will use again next year.

— Syl for Color Grade Brick Red

The product is very thick and covers well. The material does settle in the container and requires a power mixer to obtain uniform consistency. I applied the coating in cool weather so it took more than a day to dry. I would choose a sunny day above 70 degrees. It also rained the evening after I applied the coating which did make some of the pigment run but not drastically. So pick you application day carefully. I underestimated the quantity required so the last part of the coat was thin. For a first coat over an irregular and porous surface extra product should be ordered. I did get some peeling of the material over fresh patches so it would be good to wait a season before coating fresh patches. Use of a snow blower in the winter on the driveway did remove some of the coating but it held for the most part. I am satisfied with the result and some of my neighbors complimented me on the appearance. I purchased three additional 5-gal containers this spring to give the drive a good second coat. It is more expensive than traditional black top seal coat but I think the expense is worth it. It was suggested that the buckets of material be overturned before opening to ease mixing. I did this but found that there was leakage of some moisture out of one of the buckets. So If you choose to invert them watch to see that there are no leaks. I would consider having a professional apply the coating if are not accustomed to the procedure. It took me many hours to do what a professional could probably do in about an hour. Overall I am satisfied.

— Justme for Color Grade Brick Red

First, and this is important(!), use a spiral mixer (5 gallon length) attachment on your drill. Otherwise it takes forever to stir each bucket. This asphalt sealer is easy to apply (we used both a squeegee and a broom), and the driveway is utterly transformed into a faded rosy-brick- colored road. Everyone driving by stops to compliment it. Our driveway is very long and hadn’t been sealed since the year dot, so it took 13 5-gallon buckets which got kind of pricey…but it’s totally worth it!

— ABW for Color Grade Brick Red

Very nice colored driveway sealer, was easy to mix, easy to apply and looks fantastic when dried.

— DANPROJECTMAN for Color Grade Brick Red

I have been repairing cracks in a parking lot for a fraction of the cost of a professional repair person. The material is heated into and over cracks with a propane torch. It takes a bit of time to treat a large area and you have to work close to the ground by bending over or getting on your knees. I’m on my second bucket of material. It has taken about 4 one hour sessions to use up the first bucket. I’m using the torch sold from crack stix with small propane canisters that last about an hour and make it easily portable. Overall I have been happy with the results.

— Patrick for Crack Stix (Small Black)

Purchased this product to begin to repair a drive we have had for about 13 years. I wish I would have started found this product a couple of years ago before the cracks in my driveway got really bad. This product does the job. Not really labor intensive but it can be a little time consuming. I would recomend purchasing the torch extension and using refillable propane tanks. I found the small refillable tanks at Home Depot while looking for other things. They are a must if you have lot of cracks to fill.

— Matt for Crack Stix (Small Black)

After cleaning the cracks I used a butane torch and applied the material in a way similar to soldering. The repair material spread easily as I rotated the burner flame around the crack and the repair rope. Bonding is excellent and should last for many years. This process will make your back weary but it is worth it.

— Poppa for Crack Stix (Small Black)

This stuff works!! Not like other crack fillers that don’t last. I found that by holding it above the crack and letting it drip down as i heat it worked the best. As others have said it is a slow process but when when you have finished you know you haven’t wasted your time.

— Madd for Crack Stix (Small Black)

Wetted well to cracks and self leveled. I added a light layer of stone dust or paver gravel while still liquid and results look good. Now let see how well it does over the next year.

— MtAiryUser for Crack Stix (Med. Black)

Excellent product.

— Matthew for Crack Stix (Med. Black)

This crack sealant is great! I found it very easy to use and it bonds well to asphalt while staying flexible which is a must in freeze/thaw climates. I used an extended torch and found MAP gas melts product a lot better and faster than using propane. This seems a lot more durable than traditional trowel in crack sealer. Another great benefit is it is a lot cleaner to use. I needed a little more and bought the pli-sticks brand (in stock versus special order) and the pli-sticks didn’t work nearly as good as this product. (It took at least twice as long to get a good melt in with pli-stick).

— Dave for Crack Stix (Med. Black)

The product works as advertised when dealing with large driveway cracks. The trick is to take your time and fill the entire crack neatly with the product before reaching for the torch (the product can be stretched and manipulated to fit irregular shapes in the crack). Also make sure your torch is pressure regulated so it will burn steadily at various angles. The crack in my driveway was quite deep, so I used a roll of 1/2 in. x 20 ft. Caulk Backer Rod before installing the Crack-Stix. The finished result is quite durable.

— PeterM for Crack Stix (Med. Black)

Delivered when promised and easy to use. Did the job in filling in the cracks. Looks perfect.

— Jim for Crack Stix (Med. Black)


— rb for Ice Melt (30 lb.)

as per expectations of ice and snow melt.

— hyacinth for Ice Melt (30 lb.)

A very excellent way to rid your area of ice on sidewalk etc! Can be used sparingly and it takes care of the problem!

— gdog1 for Ice Melt (30 lb.)

Worked Great! Love it.

— neils for Ice Melt (40 lb.)

Bought it to have on hand for the next snow/ice storm.

— Angel for Ice Melt (40 lb.)

For the second year in a row I have ordered this excellent product. It works great and is nice to have the heavy boxes delivered right to the house.

— Rich for Ice Melt (40 lb.)

Wonderful product that has made a great difference with our tennis court!

— GloryB

It’s just paint so what can you say. Downloaded instructions, a little confusing and uncertain as to how much it would cover. I mixed the water and sand as one of the examples stated and it worked fine to squeegee on.

— melbahr for Plush Tennis (green)

The paint arrived on time as indicated Was easy to use & looks good dried fairly fast.

— Abak for Push Tennis (red)

coating covered repaired areas well and the finish coloring was outstanding.

— pete for Plush Tennis (red)

coating covered repaired areas well and the finish coloring was outstanding.

— Wrangler for Line Striping Paint (white)

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