Latex·ite® 18" Seal-Right Driveway Squeegee

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Latex·ite® 18″ Seal-Right Driveway Squeegee

For years, homeowners have had to struggle sealing their driveway with the throw-away squeegee-brush applicator. Finally, the proper tool to seal a driveway is now available.


The Latexite® 18″ SEAL-RIGHT ® Squeegee is a contractor-grade squeegee designed to make the job a lot easier and give you professional results.


“Your squeegee has been the best one I have ever used.”
L. Broering, Cold Spring, KY


  • 18″ Heavy Duty (1/4″) Rubber blade
  • Metal bracket for maximum durability
  • 60″ Wood handle
  • Patented Latexite® “Driveway Angle” for proper sealer application


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The Seal-Right™ Squeegee is easy to use. Simply attach the head to the pole firmly. We recommend putting the head on top and tapping the handle on the floor.

Before sealing, please read directions on pail. When you are ready to seal, make sure you start at the top of the driveway (near the house) and work side to side back towards the street.

WHEN USING THE SQUEEGEE, MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS PULL THE SEALER -- IT WILL SPLATTER IF YOU PUSH IT. Squeegee will clean up with soap and water for future use.


...going from left to right


...going from right to left


Right hand on top twisting towards your chest, left hand on bottom applying down pressure


Left hand on top twisting towards your chest, right hand on bottom applying down pressure.

TIP: Hold the squeegee properly for best results: Keep your thumb on the tip top of the squeegee... (your fingers should be facing your chest). Going left to right your right hand is on top. Going right to left your left hand is on top. Bottom hand is for applying steady pressure (leave a thin coat!) ...while twisting your top hand towards your chest will prevent ridges when you overlap.

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