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Founded in 1945, Dalton Enterprises, Inc. is an expert in pavement maintenance and recreational coatings. The company, based in Cheshire, CT is family owned and has satellite manufacturing / distribution locations throughout the country (CT, CA, FL, WI). Whether it’s consumer packaged products or commercial coatings, all of our products were first developed, applied and tested on federally specified jobs.

We proudly support many important causes including but not limited to: Habitat For Humanity, Boys & Girls Club of America, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Queens Center for Progress, A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, City of Hope, Cheshire’s Lights of Hope and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.


Please take a moment to read about the founder of our company and The Peter F. Dalton Foundation: www.pfdfoundation.org

As we say at Dalton, our consumer products go “from the runway to the driveway.” By testing and applying our products on roads, highways, bridges, airports and recreational facilities, we are able to thoroughly understand the complexities of pavements.  Whether blacktop or concrete, a parking lot or a driveway…our goal is to bring the highest quality products to our customers. We are committed to the environment through not only our raw materials (there is no coal tar in any of our products and all formulations are low/negligible VOC), but the processes we use in manufacturing. We strive to source locally and utilized energy efficient manufacturing processes.  You can read more about this initiative our Green Care program in our “Why Seal” section.

If you are a contractor please visit our Contractor Items section where you can order pavement maintenance and recreational coatings directly online. We service the country through our network of manufacturing facilities (CT, FL, CA, WI) and can ship worldwide as well.

If you would like more information about becoming a distributor of our commercial products, including our Latex·ite® Recreational Coatings please visit: www.daltoncoatings.com.   For cooler roofs you can learn about our new Pure Brite Reflective Roof Coating line at www.purebriteroof.com.

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All coating products seen below were designed, manufactured and applied by Dalton Enterprises, Inc.


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