Quick Patch® H2O Water Activated Asphalt Repair

QuickPatch 3.5-IML
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Quick Patch® H2O Water Activated Asphalt Repair

Latex·ite® Quick Patch® H2O is a water activated, fast setting asphalt patch that gives a permanent result. Quick Patch® H2O  is traffic ready immediately and leaves a solid black, texturized finish. It has been tested by a certified asphalt lab and outperforms other water activated patches. Quick Patch will not soften in hot weather like traditional patches nor will it dull or fade.  Quick Patch® H2O’s formulation allows it to be applied without sidewalls and is perfect for driveway and parking lot potholes, berms, edges and even depressions. It even works on concrete. Product can be applied in most weather temperatures including warm temperatures as well as cold, damp weather. Quick Patch® H2O contains no harsh chemicals and is low VOC.


  • Water activated pothole patch for BEST pothole patch filling performance
  • OUTPERFORMS other water activated patches via certified lab asphalt tests*
  • Fast set and permanent: On a hot summer day large patches are often soft, frustrating homeowners. Not Quick Patch H2O – sets up in ½ hour. Solid in 1 hour. Low VOC.
  • Quick Patch H2O remains workable at lower temps AND very stable after exposure to water (competition cannot say the same)
  • Seal over it in 24 hours versus traditional patches 2 weeks.
  • New opportunities: Unlike traditional patches that need sidewalls – Quick Patch H2O does not and will work on depressions, curbs, edges, etc. Think end of driveway where it meets the road!
  • Offered in two sizes: 1gal pail (11lbs) and 3.5gal pail (40lbs).

*Test conducted by a certified lab that tests for CT Dept of Transportation.


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