Quick Patch® H2O Water Activated Asphalt Repair

QuickPatch 3.5-IML
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Quick Patch® H2O Water Activated Asphalt Repair

NEW! Latex·ite® Quick Patch® H2O is a water activated, fast setting asphalt patch that gives a permanent result. Quick Patch® H2O  is traffic ready immediately and leaves a solid black, texturized finish. Quick Patch will not soften in hot weather like traditional patches nor will it dull or fade.  Quick Patch® H2O’s formulation allows it to be applied without sidewalls and is perfect for driveway and parking lot potholes, berms, edges and even depressions. It even works on concrete. Product can be applied in most weather temperatures including warm temperatures as well as cold, damp weather. Quick Patch® H2O contains no harsh chemicals and is low VOC.


  • NEW water activated pothole patch.
  • Fast set and permanent: On a hot summer day large patches are often soft, frustrating homeowners. Not Quick Patch H2O – sets up in ½ hour. Solid in 1 hour. Low VOC.
  • Seal over it in 24 hours versus traditional patches 2 weeks.
  • New opportunities: Unlike traditional patches that need sidewalls – Quick Patch H2O does not and will work on depressions, curbs, edges, etc. Think end of driveway where it meets the road!
  • Offered in two sizes: 1gal pail (11lbs) and 3.5gal pail (40lbs).


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Wear gloves and goggles prior to starting project. Remove all loose material from repair including any standing water. Sweep area thoroughly. If temperatures are below freezing make sure to remove ice. Open container and remove bag from pail (do not open bag yet). Work the bag back and forth for a minute or so to help loosen the material. Open the bag and pour the product into the pail. Using a hand shovel, scoop patch material into repair. Level material with back of shovel, trowel, or rake and allow material to stand approximately 1/2” above repair area. Using a watering can, lightly pour / sprinkle repair with water and allow water to fully enter repair. Using a tamper fully compact the repair. You can use a cinder block or any heavy, blunt object. If repair is deeper than 3“ we recommend doing a repair in two lift.

  • Apply Quick Patch® H2O at a depth of 3⁄4 - 4 inches (20-100mm). Apply in 2 inch (50mm) lifts / layers so that you are able to fully compact each layer.
  • Avoid getting product on hands and clothing.
  • When applied in hot conditions do not turn your car tires on fresh repair during first few hours. Turn while moving.
  • For sealer application allow 24 hours to cure prior to sealing.

Question:  How much time can I take to apply Quick Patch® H2O before I water activate the patch? I have 30 feet to edge to street and don't want the patch to set before i'm done troweling. Answer:  We would recommend watering and tamping as you go, but if you prefer troweling in first and then watering and tamping at end you can do this within a few hours time.  Do not, however, leave overnight before you water and tamp.

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