Latex·ite® Trowel Patch®

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Latex·ite® Trowel Patch®

Latex-ite Trowel Patch® is a smooth asphalt repair product. It is designed to repair medium to large cracks, smooth out rough spots and fill minor depressions.  Trowel Patch® is a time tested and we like to call it the ‘cure all’ for damaged areas on driveways and parking lots.  Take a look to see how it compares to other smooth patches by clicking here.


For late/Fall season applications MAKE SURE you apply a thin layer as sun angle is low, nights are cool and this product cures via evaporation. Applying too thick will not set up and may track.


  • 1 gallon or 2 gallon pail
  • Patented black, cement-like formula
  • For rough spots, depressions, low spots and medium/large cracks
  • Just trowel and smooth over troubled area
  • Allow to fully cure prior to sealing
  • Low VOC Formula / Easy soap & water clean-up
  • Do NOT apply product over gas and oil stained asphalt: it will not adhere

*Note: Product dries black…is brown only in liquid form.

(*Pail color may vary)

To order either 1 or 2 gallon Trowel Patch from our featured dealer, please visit the product page here.


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