Prep, Patch, & Repair Virtual Tool



Use the recommended professional grade Latex·ite®products and follow the instructions to attain Pro-Contractor results at a fraction of the cost.

For Best Results


Follow application instructions on each product container. Plan on prep and repair on one day and sealing on the next day.


Trim all grass and vegetation away from the edges of the asphalt surface. Leave nothing overhanging or in contact with the asphalt surface.


Cut out broken or severely cracked areas or deteriorated asphalt using a hammer and cold chisel. If it is deteriorated along driveway edge, install a piece of wood along the edge of the driveway to act as a frame.



Clean off the entire driveway. Remove dirt and pickup loose stones and asphalt from any ruts, potholes or low spots. We recommend using a powerwash to get the best results but if you do not have access to a powerwasher you can give the driveway a good rinse and sweep / blow off once dry.



Oil /Gas Spots
Scrub oil, gas spots and other stains with Latex·ite® Driveway Cleaner.


This full strength penetrating cleaner should be liberally applied to the stain and vigorously scrubbed with a stiff wire brush. Rinse away the dirty residue area with water. Repeat this process until clean. If stain is soft, cut out with chisel and follow repair instructions.


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After scrubbing problem spots, thoroughly flush the entire driveway with a final rinse.



Better Bond Apply Latex·ite® Oil Spot Primer,
an acrylic penetrating primer, to prevent any bleedthrough of minute traces of gas and oil and to promote a better bond of Latex·ite®sealers to the cleaned area.


Apply Oil Spot Primer full strength from the bottle …
spread with a brush. This product goes on white and dries clear. It will dry within a half hour (could be more if shaded area).


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Fine & Medium Cracks up to 1/2″

Fill with Latex·ite® 2X Premium Crack Filler

Snip off end of spout and pour black rubberized sealant into unsightly cracks up to 1/2″.


Fill just below asphalt surface … do not over fill. Filler will remain pliable … expanding when hot, contracting when cold.


If you spill any on the pavement surface simply wipe up with wet rag or scrape off with a putty knife. Allow overnight to cure prior to sealing over.


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Large Cracks, Areas of “allegation”, Depressions & Low Spots


Trowel Patch is the solution.
This is a smooth asphalt repair product. It is designed to repair medium to large cracks, smooth out rough spots and fill minor depressions. Trowel in layers of 1/4″ to 1/2″ …no greater as it sets up from the top down. Allow each layer to harden overnight before applying next layer. Build up the patch until level and feather out the edges for a smooth, neat, uniform appearance. We do not recommend more than 2 layers.



Once you finished troweling, give it at least 24 hours to properly cure prior to sealing over it.


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Fill and Tamp


Ruts · Potholes & Cut Out Areas
Super Patch is a black stone adhesive filler commonly referred to as ‘pothole patch.’  Fill area to be repaired Super Patch, until slightly above the asphalt surface. Use end of 2 x 4 or tamp and compact until level with the pavement. Check your work with a straight edge. If you have a deep repair fill in layers and tamp as you go — every 3 or 4″.  Allow 2 weeks to cure prior to sealing over repair.  Cure can be sped up by sprinkling sand or portland cement over repair.

Year-Round Repair
Latex·ite® Super Patch is a multi-purpose advanced compound. Special additives let you repair in any kind of weather … hot/cold or wet/dry! Just shovel and tamp … ready for traffic.


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Make repairs when pavement temperature is 55 degrees F and rising
and no rain is forecast for 24 hours.