Seal a Driveway, Walkway, Parking Lot

All Latex·ite® asphalt driveway sealers are time-tested and performance proven. Professional grade formulas that are user friendly for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Latex·ite® driveway sealing products go on easier / faster, perform better and look the BEST! So use Latex·ite® brand asphalt driveway sealers. (beware of lower cost … Knock-Offs) and do it right the first time.


Before you begin make sure you purchase the correct number of pails: Click here for our Sealer Calculator


Remember: For early spring or late fall applications we strongly recommend the night time temperature is above 55 degrees F. Applying patch products or sealer when these conditions aren’t present decreases the product’s ability to properly cure and they may track! If you have cool weather and want to seal please use our Ultra Shield Driveway Filler Sealer that can be applied in temps as low as 40 degrees F!

Tip for hot days: Mist off the driveway prior to sealing. Your job will be a lot easier!


Remember: USE SQUEEGEE for
Premium Plus, Sand Mix, Airport Grade,
Optimum and Ultra Shield

AcrylicGrade Application.jpg

Roller should be used for Acrylic Grade

Once the asphalt is repaired and cleaned … you are ready to seal. DON’T SEAL OVER PROBLEMS! Apply only if weather is clear and dry. DO NOT APPLY when rain or fog is imminent or likely within 48 hours. Also, do not apply very late in the day. For best results both surface and air temperature should be above 55°F and rising for proper adhesion.  If you have a question, try our new ChatBot as it has ALL the answers — it’s the little green icon bottom right on your screen!



Normally the pails will only need a quick mix but to be sure it’s good idea to flip over the pail at least 24 hours prior to using the product. (Carefully inspect the lid to insure it is secure before turning over).


To open: Use a razor blade to cut the strips and then a screw driver to open each section.


“Batch” or “box” the pails by having an empty bucket there and mixing them all back and forth. This will ensure uniform consistency. Premix 1/2 of the pails you expect to use then mix additional pails as needed. (Keep the mixed pails covered as you work).


Please see stirring tip.



(only when the pavement is very HOT)
Start at the end of the driveway farthest from the street (start approximately 2 feet out). Apply a fine mist of water to the pavement to lightly dampen the pavement … leave no standing puddles of water. Apply sealer to the dampened pavement. Remoisten as needed.



Start by pouring a ribbon of sealer across the width of the driveway about 2 feet from the end of the garage or house in a snake-like pattern. Use a driveway squeegee (see our 18″ Seal Right squeegee).



Once you’ve poured a bead across the driveway, use your squeegee to pull the sealer back and forth, in a moon shape, across the driveway starting near your house and working down towards the street. (Maintain a wet bead or edge to avoid streak marks.) See photos below. Remember to drag squeegee back and forth … do not push.


Apply pressure to leave a thin coat. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat. As more sealer is required, pour it next to where you left off to slightly overlap (Maintain a wet bead or edge to avoid streak marks). Continue sealing project in one day if possible and without stopping to avoid your driveway sealer curing at a different rate… possibly leaving different shades of color.


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Use a squeegee properly to get professional results:


Make the job a lot easier and get professional results with our NEW 18″ Seal Right Driveway Squeegee.




Block off the driveway with the empty pails and stay off the driveway for a minimum of 24-48 hours. The sealer may take longer to cure if it is humid.

Clean Up


Latex·ite® water-based formulas make clean up quick and easy. Simply clean tools and empty buckets with plain water immediately after use. Buckets can be used for gardening, fishing, car washing, hobbies …



Apply Latex·ite® Sealers only if the ground temperature is above 55°F — day or evening and rain is not forecast in 24 – 48 hours.

How many pails of sealer does your project require?

Use Our Sealer Calculator

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