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Latex·ite® 30 lb. Pail Ice and Snow Melt

Latex-ite® Ice and Snow Melt is a high performance ice and snow melt blend that is safer for kids, pets, and shrubs and acts quickly at lower temperatures. It is packaged in a pail for easy access and storage. Latex-ite Ice and Snow melt’s crystal flakes work quicker as it contains a fast-acting De-Icer agent. No powdery residue so you don’t have to worry about tracking. Organic tint added which gives you better coverage. If you have a large area you can use a Scott’s fertilizer spreader to apply: a setting of between 10-12 on the Scotts Dial should work.  Remember, Latex-ite Ice and Snow Melt should not be used on old or structurally poor concrete. It should not be used on concrete that is less than 1 year old. Keep treated slush away from plants and vegetation as best as possible. Keep product in a dry place when not in use. From the Leader in Driveway Maintenance since 1945.


  • Professional results for parking lots, driveways, sidewalks
  • Melt point as low as -18°F (-27°C)
  • Crystal flakes work quicker with fast-acting deicer
  • No powdery residue, no inside tracking
  • No harmful chemicals – safer for pets, kids and shrubs
  • Contains anti-corrosive agent
  • 30 lb. pail with re-sealable lid and easy carry handle
  • For large areas you can use a Scott’s Fertilizer Spreader to apply (dial set to between 10 & 12)


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We have a steep driveway and must keep it free of ice or it becomes treacherous for cars and people.
This product works great. I prefer a plastic pail and 30lbs is easy to carry and dispense from.