Plush® 5-Gal. Recreational Coating

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Plush® 5-Gal. Recreational Coating

Plushcolor® recreational coatings are 100% Acrylic, high performance, non-fading all weather color systems for use on tennis, basketball and pickleball courts. Plushcolor® will adhere to asphalt, emulsified asphalt and suitable concrete surfaces (never before painted concrete must be properly prepped via acid etch and primed with E330). There are three key functions that provide the foundation to Pushcolor’s coatings: playability, durability and vibrant, fade resistant colors. The entire Plushcolor® line is Acrylic based and low VOC making them easier to clean and easier on the environment. PlushColor® and Acrylic Resurfacer are shipped in ‘concentrate’ form – sand and water to be added per specification sheet. Plush Color® is shipped nationwide and worldwide from our network of locations.


  • Playability: Outstanding performance is the key to the best playability assuring the player a consistent ball bounce and stability.
  • Durability: Our 100% Acrylic binder is fortified with fibers assuring the highest quality surface and made to resist harsh weather conditions.
  • Fade Resistant Colors: The color protection formulation guarantees a non-fading court.
  • 55gal drums are available: For full product lineup please visit or email us for more


To order online, please visit either or 


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