Crack-Stix® 125ft. MEDIUM 1/2" Black Permanent Asphalt Crack Filler

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Crack-Stix® 125ft. MEDIUM 1/2″ Black Permanent Asphalt Crack Filler

Crack-Stix® 125ft. MEDIUM 1/2″ Black Permanent Asphalt Crack Filler is the only PERMANENT, patented solution to blacktop or concrete cracks on the marketplace. It is the same product seen on highways and roads but the only difference is YOU CAN APPLY IT and don’t need a 200 gallon melter to do it!


Crack-Stix® are furnished as a black or gray (NEW!) solid “rope” in 1/2″ or 1/4″ thickness (Gray offered only in 1/2″ currently). It is an elastomeric, self-leveling sealant, which liquefies quickly and can be used in both asphalt and concrete pavements. When properly applied, it combines tenacious adhesive power with extraordinary resiliency to protect against the infiltration of moisture or incompressibles through repeated thermal cycles of expansion and contraction.


Crack-Stix® exhibit superior low temperature ductility, weather resistance, low oxidation breakdown and is non-tracking. It is the only sealant available which is designed to be inserted into the crack or joint cavity first and then melted with direct heat process. The modifier system contained in Latex·ite® Crack-Stix® allows the material to withstand direct heat without experiencing degradation.


  • No VOC’s
  • Prevent slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Ready to use immediately, melt-away wrapper!
  • Save time and purchase either our CSX-900 Cane Torch extender our really speed up application with our NEW walk behind CSX-1000 PRO MELT TORCH!
  • TIP: If you are not using our recommended torch and are using just a handheld torch it can be difficult to keep the torch upright (or it may flame out)…so you may want to find BURNER WAND which will keep the flame running!
  • For deep cracks or joints, before you begin fill the crack using backer rod, sand or stone dust but leave enough room for product
  • You can use a larger 20lb propane tank to apply but you will need an attachment


“We have NEVER had one customer complaint since the product was launched in 1999.” John Dalton, President


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Clean it... Take a screwdriver & scratch out all debris from inside the crack, then sweep it clean with a whisk broom. Crack must be dry.

Pack it... uncoil & cut the appropriate size stix & shape/pack into crack with fingertip pressure. Using the screwdriver, press the stix into the crack approximately 1/16" to 1/8" below actual pavement surface level. To achieve a neat overall appearance, do not overfill crack. The material seals In It...Not On It. (*Note: If the crack is not as wide as the 1/2" Crack-Stix® , we recommend stretching the Crack-Stix® can leave it in the sun for a while to make it easier to stretch. You can also splice it with a razor blade. You can also use a rubber mallet to help form the strip for the pavement cracks & also helped in the "wedging in" effort). If you have VERY narrow crack you may have to heat a knife with your torch so that it splices the Stix like a butter knife!

Melt it... take propane torch & light it. Adjust bright blue part of flame to 1" long. Holding the flame 1-1/2" from the stix, move the flame from side to side in a slow & even motion, heating no more than one foot at a time (melt stick until liquid). Seal cures in 20 minutes & is ready for traffic. For best results use CSX Cane Torch 900 as this will save you from bending over (it has a crimped end for a nice tight flame). A torch is recommended versus a heat gun but you CAN use a heat gun if your prefer: We recommend an industrial heat gun and temperature must be a minimum of 250 degrees F for it to melt.. Note: Save time and purchase either our CSX-900 Cane Torch extender our really speed up application with our NEW walk behind CSX-1000 PRO MELT TORCH!

WARNING: Pre-warm asphalt/concrete joint prior to stix application. Cavity must be totally dry to ensure a positive seal. Use extreme caution when heating concrete. ENTRAPPED MOISTURE OR FROST MAY CAUSE CONCRETE TO "POP" OR "SPALL".

Reminder:  The plastic wrapper does not need to be taken off/removed - it melts away! 

  • Do not apply in wet cracks or where frost, snow or ice is present. Do not apply if the ground temperature is below 40 degrees.
  • What if the crack is narrower than the Latex·ite® Crack-Stix®? No problem! You can either splice the Latex·ite® Crack-Stix® with a razor blade...or if the Crack-Stix® have been outside in the sun and are warm just stretch them! (Double over for wide cracks).
  • Do I need to seal over Crack-Stix® or Pli Stix? It is not necessary to go over the product with a sealer product unless it is greater than in 1/8th below the surface. If the Pli-Stix or Crack-Stix® is level with the asphalt surface, for best results I would recommend lightly re-heating the Crack-Stix® or Pli-Stix and broadcasting sand over the surface of the repair. This will give the Crack-Stix® / Pli-Stix a rough texture allowing the sealer to grab onto the product better and last longer
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Prevent water damage to your garage
and driveway by filling the gap with Crack-Stix®!


Love this Stuff! After cleaning the cracks I used a butane torch and applied the material in a way similar to soldering. The repair material spread easily as I rotated the burner flame around the crack and the repair rope. Bonding is excellent and should last for many years and is well worth it.
PL, East Texas

Love this product! Great product! Seals deep within the crack. The fact that it melts before it cures means it seeps into fissures and does a much better job at keeping the moisture out of the asphalt than cold-pressed patch.
DT, Anchorage, AK

It works! This is a unique product. My husband applied it to the cracks in our driveway. It was a bit time consuming, because we have a huge circle driveway with a lot of cracks, but it's not difficult. I believe he liked using the flat edge of a screwdriver to push the product in the cracks before torching them. He then used a sealer sold by Latexite. The driveway looks great and I think will hold up better than the professional jobs for which we have always paid well over $1,000. Lastly, he also used the concrete stix sold by the same manufacturer and those worked, as promised, too.
BL, Landsdale, PA

Finally an excellent asphalt Crack Repair! My driveway is ten year old and significant cracks developed. I filled them with this product a year ago and they have remained sealed. I purchased more of the product and will apply it to the smaller cracks. Applying the material requires patience. After I applied this product I applied their Optimum sealer to the whole driveway and it is impossible to see where the big cracks were that I filled. I am very pleased with it's sealing strength.
HB, Granby, CO

Great product! The same stuff a local company used to seal cracks in my driveway. He did a poor job and I needed this stuff to complete his job. Blended very nice with theirs so I recommend this product. If you have a large area I would first get it done by the pros and thereafter use this product to fill in or make repairs. Otherwise great for small to medium repairs.
RM, Kansas City, MO


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