32" CSX 900 Torch Extender

CSX900 Torch
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32″ CSX 900 Torch Extender


The 32″ CSX 900 Torch Extender is the best way to apply the direct heat Pli-Stix® and Crack Stix® permanent crack filler products. Many consumers and contractors have complained about bending over a crack for hours on end to fill their cracks. That is why we have designed this unique tool. It’s durable yet comfortable… just walk and fill those cracks! It’s that easy. Just plug in a 14.1oz cylinder (not included) and you’re off to the races!


  • Ergonomically designed: just walk and melt Pli-Stix® or Crack Stix® into crack!
  • Tapered tip so you melt just the crack filler and don’t burn your asphalt
  • Trigger Start with brass fuel valve for precision gas flow control
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Operates continuously for over an hour on a 14.1 oz. cylinder (not included)
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Save time and hook up torch to propane tank with a Propane Hose Assembly Kit


To order from our featured dealer, please visit the product page here.


Here is a helpful tip!    “My torch extender won’t ignite, what can I do?”

  • Check to make sure the foam handle did not slide down over the air holes just above the valve
  • With the propane bottle removed, look up the tube to make sure there are no obstructions (spider web, etc).  With the bottle removed check to see if you igniter works, as you should see a blue spark when looking up the tube and pressing the igniter.
  • If above is all ok, than re-attach the bottle and attempt to light.  Only crack the valve when igniting as too much gas flow will prevent it from lighting.


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