Latex·ite® Acrylic Plus® Driveway Revitalizer Filler/Sealer

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Latex·ite® Acrylic Plus® Driveway Revitalizer Filler/Sealer

Acrylic Plus® Driveway Revitalizer Filler/Sealer! Acrylic Plus® is  an acrylic based formula designed to be extremely durable and flexible while maintaining its rich, black color. It is primarily designed for blacktop driveways/walkways that have never been sealed.  Acrylic Plus® contains natural fillers to help fill hairline cracks and give you a non-skid finish. It’s easy to apply with a roller and is fast dry..1 hour for foot traffic and only 4 hours for car traffic! Another great choice from Latex·ite®.


Do not use a squeegee or brush to apply. Too much product will be applied and it will peel and/or crack. Warranty will not be covered unless directions are followed and a roller is used.


  • A new choice for unsealed blacktop (works on previously sealed too)
  • New Fortified Formula is Non-Skid & Fills Hairline Cracks
  • Maximum Coverage! Up to 800 Square Feet Per Pail (see coverage chart)
  • Fast Dry: Drive Ready in 4 hours! Foot Traffic in 1 hour!
  • Acrylic Formula: Built-In Primer for Enhanced Durability
  • No Fade Technology: Stays deep, matte black
  • Low VOC Formula, cleans up with soap & water


To order from our featured dealer, please visit the product page here.



Acrylic Plus® is designed for blacktop driveways in good condition or for unsealed blacktop driveways in good condition. Acrylic Plus™ will work on previously sealed driveways. PLEASE NOTE: If driveway is extremely porous, in bad condition with cracks….or if you have an unsealed driveway with blacktop that is not ‘tight’ / not compacted well, we don’t recommend Acrylic Plus™. (We recommend using one of our sealers that contains more filler properties: Airport Grade®, Optimum® or Ultra Shield®). Acrylic Plus® is NOT to be used on concrete.


Good condition:
Smooth/previously sealed:   700-800 square feet per 4gal. pail

Minor cracking/some graying:   600-700 square feet per 4gal. pail

Rough/unsealed/gray:   400-600 square feet per 4gal. pail

*Please note that if asphalt is not compacted and stones are exposed that coverage will be less than stated above. If surface is porous in order to achieve a uniform finish 2 coats will be necessary.

DO NOT use a squeegee or a brush with Acrylic Plus or you significantly risk cracking and/or peeling. USE A ROLLER (and if very porous make sure to use 1/2″ nap and work product into crevices)



I am e-mailing you how pleased I was with your products for my driveway. It was easy to apply and it looks terrific. From a completely satisfied customer, I say THANK YOU.
PF, Greenfield, MA

Your driveway sealer is the best, only one I will use in the future.
JM, Winchester, MA

Your products are the best I have ever used. Have had professionals do my driveway in the past but never again.
LW, Cherry Hill, NJ

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