Latex·ite® 18" Seal-Right Driveway Squeegee

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Latex·ite® 18″ Seal-Right Driveway Squeegee


For years, homeowners have had to struggle sealing their driveway with the throw-away squeegee-brush applicator. Finally, the proper tool to seal a driveway is now available.


The Latexite® 18″ SEAL-RIGHT ® Squeegee is a patented contractor-grade squeegee designed to make the job a lot easier and give you professional results.


“Your squeegee has been the best one I have ever used.”
L. Broering, Cold Spring, KY


  • 18″ Heavy Duty (1/4″) Rubber blade
  • Patented wing nut clamp metal bracket for maximum durability (Patent #D1,000,946S)
  • 60″ Wood handle
  • Angled for proper sealer application / best results
  • Reusable


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