Latex·ite® Color Grade® Driveway Filler/Sealer

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Latex·ite® Color Grade® Driveway Filler/Sealer

Latex·ite® Color Grade® Filler/Sealer is a ready-to-use, high performance, asphalt based blacktop filler sealer (NOT FOR CONCRETE) that will beautify and protect the entrance to your home or your parking lot (available in 55gal drums as well). Customers have asked for a color sealant to both beautify and in some cases to cool down their blacktop …so here it is! Color Grade® is a durable, tinted sealer that resists hot tire pick-up, chemicals and leaves a non-skid finish.

It is available in three colors: Natural Beige, Dover Grey and Brick Red. The temperature of the blacktop will certainly be reduced by using a lighter shade like the gray or dark beige. Our recent test on Beige showed an 18 degrees F reduction versus the blacktop and our recent Gray Test yielded a 20 percent reduction in surface heat!

Please note that since you are applying to a black surface the color will be a bit darker than the color you see on the pail art.


  • Advance Polymer Formula
  • Fortified, Non-Skid
  • UV Protected
  • Low VOC, Easy Clean-Up
  • Apply with Seal Right Squeegee (Roller is wrong applicator and voids warranty)
  • Not for use on stamped asphalt
  • Cool your driveway or parking lot with Beige or Grey Color Grade!
  • 55gal drum available as well


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Colors: Brick Red | Dover Grey | Dark Beige


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Color Grade® is recommended for all condition blacktop driveways and parking lots. 2 coats must be applied for color uniformity. (COLOR GRADE® WILL NOT ADHERE TO CONCRETE).


Good: Smooth / previously sealed: 400-500 sq. ft.

Moderate: Minor cracking / some graying: 300-400 sq. ft.

Poor: Rough / unsealed / gray:200-300 sq. ft.




Important TIPS when sealing with Color Grade® :

  • Please flip pails over the night prior to use to make for easier stirring next day. On day of project make sure to have an empty 5gallon pail (or a 30gal trash can so you can batch all pails together) as we recommend intermixing pails to ensure uniform color and consistency. If you are using the 55gal drum we recommend using a mud flap on your drill and mixing the product.
  • For color uniformity we recommend applying 2 coats but please only APPLY ONLY ONE COAT PER DAY so the product has proper cure time. DO NOT APPLY MORE THAN TWO COATS.
  • Use a squeegee to apply Color Grade® (NO rollers) and maintain a wet edge of bead when applying (ie don’t let it ‘run out’ before you pour more down).
  • It is important to complete each coat in one continuous application to prevent color shading. Stir pails during project. Note: COLORS MAY VARY SLIGHTLY FROM PAIL LABEL COLOR.
  • Wait at least 30 days before rinsing or cleaning. Use a mild detergent as needed. Areas that have scuffed can be cleaned with soap, water and brush after 30 days. Use only a mild or diluted soap/detergent. The use of pressure washers and abrasive cleaners should be limited to avoid sealer failure.




I am e-mailing you how pleased I was with your products for my driveway. It was easy to apply and it looks terrific. From a completely satisfied customer, I say THANK YOU.
PF, Greenfield, MA

Your driveway sealer is the best, only one I will use in the future.
JM, Winchester, MA

Best driveway sealer I've ever used. Took only 5 hours to clean driveway and apply 10 pails... Looks like NEW! Thanks.
EC, Oakton, VA

I used the gray Color Grade on my small parking lot and boy does it look sharp! It even has kept it from getting extremeley hot in the summer. Thank you! Marvin, Stockton, CA

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