XL-1000 55gal. Commercial Grade Blacktop Sealer

XL1000-drum XL000-lot

XL-1000 55gal. Commercial Grade Blacktop Sealer

XL-1000 Commercial Grade Asphalt Sealer is a fortified, rubberized, asphalt-based blacktop sealer designed to protect, beautify and extend the life of your asphalt investment. XL-1000 is rubberized and will provide a strong bond to the pavement in order to protect it from the harsh elements and increase the curb appeal of your blacktop investment.


• Fortified, rubberized non-skid blacktop sealer. Ready to Use.
• Average coverage 4,000 square feet per drum
• Must be 55 degrees F with no rain in forecast for 24 hours
• Ships on a pallet (need forklift to unload, fit up to 4 per pallet)
• Asphalt based, Low VOC, Coal Tar free, PAH Compliant

• Foot traffic 2 hours, Car traffic 24 hours.



*Customer must be able to offload pallet via forklift or loading dock




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