XL-1000 55gal. Commercial Grade Blacktop Sealer

XL1000-drum XL000-lot

XL-1000 55gal. Commercial Grade Blacktop Sealer

XL-1000 Commercial Grade Asphalt Sealer is a fortified, rubberized, asphalt-based blacktop sealer designed to protect, beautify and extend the life of your asphalt investment. XL-1000 is rubberized and will provide a strong bond to the pavement in order to protect it from the harsh elements and increase the curb appeal of your blacktop investment.


• Fortified, rubberized non-skid blacktop sealer. Ready to Use.
• Average coverage 4,000 square feet per drum
• Must be 55 degrees F with no rain in forecast for 24 hours
• Ships on a pallet (need forklift to unload, fit up to 4 per pallet)
• Asphalt based, Low VOC, Coal Tar free, PAH Compliant

• Foot traffic 2 hours, Car traffic 24 hours.



*Customer must be able to offload pallet via forklift or loading dock




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Dalton Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1945, is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of pavement maintenance and recreational coating products. Our network of facilities allows us to ship across the US as well as worldwide. Contractors, property owners and municipalities have asked us to provide them with the necessary high quality products that can be ordered online:

Asphalt Maintenance: This section contains our high quality XL-1000 Asphalt Sealer, line striping paint, PL-500 Hot Pour joint seal and melters.

Recreational Coatings: This section contain our Plush™ Color line up of tennis and basketball court Acrylic Color coatings, Acrylic Resufacer and line striping paint.

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