Latex·ite® Super Patch®

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Latex·ite® Super Patch®

Latex·ite Super Patch® is a stone asphalt patch for driveways and pavements. It is recommended for POTHOLES, large cracks and joints. It can be used on both asphalt and concrete and is designed to be used year-round. Super Patch® (1 gal. & 3.5 gal.) contains asphalastic binders which give it maximum adhesion and longer life.


  • 1 gallon & 3.5 gallons
  • Black, stone aggregate formula.
  • For pothholes, joints and large cracks.
  • Contains asphalastic binders for maximum adhesion to sidewalls.
  • Just pour and tamp … traffic ready immediately.
  • Year-round formula.
  • New low VOC formula ( <.1%) complies with all State & Federal Air Regulations.


To order either 1 or 3.5 gallon Super Patch from our featured dealer, please visit the product page here.

          (*Pail color may vary)




If you have applied Super Patch and it is not setting up / hardening that means it has not been compacted enough. In addition to tamping more you can speed up the cure by sprinkling sand or portland cement on the repair.

Super Patch® is easy to use. It is important to remember that Super Patch® works on compaction and must have sidewalls to work properly. If it is put in a depression with no sidewalls, it will not work.

We recommend square cutting the vertical sides of the crack or hole and remove all loose debris. Next sweep or blow out the pothole. Allow to dry.

Fill the hole with Super Patch® to a height of 1/2" above the area. Compact the hole using a tamper or heavy, flat item such as a cinderblock. You may also put a piece of plywood over the area and drive over it with your car for maximum compaction.

It is ready for traffic once it's been fully compacted. If you plan to seal over the repaired area, we recommend you wait 2 weeks prior to sealing. There are oils in the product and you can help speed up the cure rate by sprinkling sand or portland cement over the repair. Remember, if the repaired area is not setting up, it's most likely because it has not been compacted enough.

When you are finished you can clean up your tools using mineral spirits! (Mineral spirits is a mild, low volatility petroleum distillate that can be used for degreasing and cleaning metal tools).


What a pothole patch! I give Super Patch an A++ ..great product ...comes on very easily ... and is driveable within minutes like it says !!
EW, Sacramento, CA

It works! Super Patch is for deep holes in driveway, not scrapes or indentations. Once compressed it cured to a solid repair. I'll emphasize, it needs to be compressed. Preferably with a tamper, a hammer will work for small diameter.
FW, Fairport, NY

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