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Latex·ite® Acrylic Grade® Driveway Sealer

Latex·ite® Acrylic Grade® Driveway Sealer is a very easy to use sealer that can be rolled on, is fast drying and will leave a very durable, smooth, rich black matte finish (for version with fillers see Acrylic Plus®). Consumers asked us for a sealer that cleans up easy and can be rolled on…but will stand up to the harsh elements. We are proud to offer a solution – so give it a try, you will be very pleased with the results!


  • A smooth, rollable choice from the Leader in Driveway Maintenance®
  • 100% Acrylic Formula leaves a strong, flexible, rich black matte finish
  • Acrylic Grade® leaves a smooth finish retaining profile of existing blacktop (No fillers. For rollable with fillers see Acrylic Plus®)
  • Can be applied in a bit cooler conditions – should be at least 50°F (10° C) at night
  • Foot traffic ready in 1 hour! Car traffic ready in 4 hours!
  • EZ Stir, Low VOC Formula, cleans up with soap & water


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Acrylic Grade® will work on either previously sealed or never been sealed blacktop – remember, if it’s never been sealed it will require more as it’s ‘thirsty / porous’!


Coverage will vary based on blacktop condition:

  • Good condition / previously sealed: 500 – 600 square feet per 2gal pail
  • Moderate/some cracking: 400 – 500 sq. ft. per pail
  • Poor/unsealed/rough: 200 – 400 sq. ft. per pail


Give your driveway a new look…and a protected one!





Just a quick note saying how pleased I was with your Acrylic Grade product. It was too late in the season to find regular coatings at most home improvement stores here in St. Louis, and having only a very small driveway, I decided to give this a try and ordered it from you online. Two gallons, one roller and about 2 hours later, done! Covered it perfectly and looks great. I recommended it to some neighbors too!
RW, St. Louis, MO

Your driveway sealer is the best, only one I will use in the future.
JM, Winchester, MA

Best driveway sealer I've ever used. Took only 5 hours to clean driveway and apply 10 pails... Looks like NEW! Thanks.
EC, Oakton, VA