Latex·ite Driveway Skill Amazon Alexa Skill

Dalton Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to launch its Amazon ‘Latex·ite Driveway Skill

Homeowners and PROs Can Now Use Their Echo device to learn How to Protect their Driveway or Parking Lot and Order without Lifting a Finger.

CHESHIRE, CT January 15, 2022 / PRNewswire/ — Dalton Enterprises, Inc. and its Latex·ite® line of pavement repair and sealer products, has announced it is integrating how-to and ordering capabilities with Amazon Alexa, Echo and other Amazon devices. The new ‘Latex·ite Driveway Skill’ for Alexa will make it easier for homeowners and Pro’s to learn how to properly care for their pavements from driveways, sidewalks to parking lots..and even help order the products they need.

The Latex·ite Driveway Skill for Alexa is available for consumers who have a device with Amazon such as the Echo, Echo Dot or even on the Alexa app for your smart phone.  The Latex·ite Driveway Skill provides a convenient, voice response, how-to experience for your blacktop driveway or parking lot. Consumers will be able to ask Alexa how to fix certain problems, get a sealer recommendation and other commonly asked questions such as coverage, dry time and where to purchase.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to evolve the know-how and ordering process so that our customers can get the answers they need quickly and in the setting they are comfortable with.

With the new Alexa Latex·ite Driveway Skill, we’re thrilled be the first to offer this added convenience to our customers, allowing them to save time by getting the answers quickly so they can get to the project.

John Dalton, President of Dalton Enterprises

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