Tips on Sealing as we get later into the season…

Tips on Sealing as we get later into the season…


Happy Fall everyone!  Here are some tips on sealing as it gets cooler:

1. The sun’s angle is low and it’s getting cooler at night.  Both of these factors reduce the product’s ability to properly cure! Remember, the patch products and the sealers all have water in them.  Having a surface that is cold doesn’t lend to allowing the products to set up and give you the performance they can when applied at proper temps.  

2. Rule of thumb: When it’s dipping below 55 degrees F at night it’s just not the right time to seal your driveway UNLESS you use our NEW Latexite Therma Seal Driveway Sealer which can be applied in temps as low as 40 degrees F.  Click here to read more! 


September is a great month to patch and seal your driveway!  Why? Well the sun is still strong / at a good angle which helps drying AND curing — and it’s typically not as hot and humid.  We do have a few tips that will help make the job easier and the results better!  Night before: Flip over unopened pails and have an extra empty 5gallon pail for next day.  You may even want to edge the driveway first (squeegee if comfortable using it … wallpaper brush if not!)  Day of: Open the pails and using the empty pail ‘box or batch’ all pails by pouring back and forth.  This will make it easy to mix and allow for a consistent batch.  Rest the lids on the pails and space them every 5 or 6 feet down the driveway.  Do the project all at one time – this is important because if you stop and start you may get color shading as the driveway changes (rises) in temperature as you seal.  If you are doing repairs using our Trowel Patch it is important to remember that a thin layer is much better than a thick layer — as you have less time for curing in September a thick lift will take a lot longer to set up and may track!  Please visit our video tips page to hear more about the project directly from us! Thank you.

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