Latex·ite® Lift Driveway Overlay

Lift™ is the latest in blacktop life extension technology. It is a ready to use, one part, poly-acrylic based low VOC formula that is 4 times thicker than traditional driveway sealers. Lift™ will leave a slightly texturized new micro-surface that is durable, flexible and resistant to chemicals, de-icers etc. Lift™ is easily applied using the Lift™ FLEX™ Applicator, to either sealed or unsealed blacktop. Cures quickly to a satin black, non-slip surface.


  • 4X thicker than traditional blacktop driveway sealers
  • High Performance Low VOC Micro Surface
  • Easy, one step application using Lift® FLEX® Applicator
  • Keeps cracks & flaws covered with ONE uniform surface
  • Resists damage from UV rays, de-icing agents and fuel
  • 15 Year Warranty


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One 4.75gal. pail covers approximately 200 sq. ft.